Aston Martin is building a $4 million submarine

Aston Martin

Maybe it is Aston Martin’s continued ties with the fictional spy James Bond, but the company has just announced plans to develop its own submarine. It is a project that is being called Neptune, named after the Roman God of the Sea.

Aston Martin is partnering up

Aston Martin, one of the last completely independent vehicle makers, is more popular for their pricey luxury and sports car. Now they are now partnering up with a company that also specializes in luxury auto, albeit submersibles. Triton Submarines is a company that focuses on building multi million dollar submarines for the rich. This is not the automaker’s first foray into aquatic machines. In the year of 2016, they took the covers of a powerboat and had two of them delivered to customers.

What does this mean for Aston Martin?

A statement from Aston Martin promises that this will not dilute the company or its products. The spokesperson simply insists that they want to regenerate their product line. Moreover, a total of twelve machines are to be sold. This is to keep them exclusive and they will cost $4 million. Over the recent past, the company has been looking into starting many side ventures other than making luxury cars. Again, in 2016, it opened up a venture called the Aston Martin Consulting. As the name implies, they offer consulting services and advice to customers in certain industries. These industries include designing, engineering as well as the manufacturing industry. They also collaborated with G&G Business Developments to come up with Aston Martin Residences which was a real estate project.

Why is Aston Martin getting into the submarine field

The common assumption is that the submarine industry is an industry with no potential and market. However, the rich 1% are increasingly looking for submarines.

At the moment there is not a lot of information regarding the specifications of the submarine. The announcement gave the public concept pictures. The pictures show a three person submarine with wide glass roofs. This can give better views of the world beneath the waters. The images also indicated that this aquatic machine would be based on the “Low Profile three-person platform,” of Triton. This type of machine is supposed to carry up to three people with a great amount of attention given to comfort. Aston Martin says they will start delivering the subs to customers by the end of 2018.


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