Track your kids or pets with the Samsung Connect Tag


While trackers are far and about, all of them make use of Bluetooth to stay connected to your phone. The problem with this implementation is that the range of Bluetooth is a couple of meters at the max. So if your kid or belongings get lost when you are out of range, you are left with no way to locate them.

Enter the Samsung Connect Tag. Instead of using Bluetooth, it makes use of narrowband network technology (NB-IoT). Narrowband networks connect Internet of Things devices through cellular communication bands. Such networks are usually meant for devices that use small amounts of data and power and provides the capability to securely connect to the Internet for location services.

Information on the Samsung Connect Tag

The tracker can provide location data, both inside and outside by taking advantage of GPS. Cell ID and Wi-Fi positioning are available too. Furthermore, it features an accelerometer and has a three shaded LED. The company says the tracker can work for seven days before needing to be recharged and will only work with Android device.

The design of the Samsung Connect Tag allows it to be attached on to a kid’s bag, pet’s collar or something like a purse. The tag comes with a handy feature too. Called the geofence feature, it alerts you when the object or person is moving beyond the limits set. There is also a function to request the tag’s location at any given time through your smartphone which can be helpful if you’ve parked in a massive parking lot.

The Samsung Connect Tag is tiny and is only 1.1 cm in thickness and is 4.21 cm wide. Moreover, it is resistant towards water and dust. Samsung has still not released any information regarding pricing yet. It will first be sold in the company’s home country, S. Korea before being sold elsewhere in the globe.



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