10 Great Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind 2017

10 Great Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind
10 Great Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

We are living in a world of technologies. As we see around us, almost everything is related to technology from a small pin to huge buildings, everything is made with the help of various technologies. Technology has given us various amazing things that we may never have thought could be made. The need to minimize the time and effort for doing work has given rise to some outstanding technologies.

List of 10 Great Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind 2017

Today we are going too take a look on few new technologies that can make you wonder if they are real. Here are some of them:

1. Water Bottle Wallet 


This water bottle allow you to put your money, keys, phone etc in it. So there is no need to carry your wallet when you are cycling. Also, this can save you from being robbed as no one will thought that you are carrying these things with you in a bottle.

2.  The Anti-Gravity Levitating Smartwatch Charger And Lamp

The only smartwatch charger which levitates in the mid air while charging is known as LIFT. The smartwatch levitates in mid air when you put it on the charging base of LIFT. LIFT works on the phenomenon of revolutionary induction system. It becomes a beautiful lamp when it is not charging.

3. iBackPack

This is the ultimate smart backpack which can make your travelling experience more easy. It contains a GPS navigation, USB ports, Bluetooth locator, speaker and a built-in battery.

4. Waterproof Drone

The world’s first throw and shoot flying camera has been named as Lily. It is lightweight, compact and waterproof which helps you to capture your life from a different view.

5. Flyboard

Flyboard is a new water sport which has been designed to give you an extreme experience of flying like Ironman in Marvel movies. It is a board which sprays water from its base to make you fly in the air several meters high from the water surface.

6. The Thinking Remote

The remote which allows you to control multiple devices from one place in your home is known as NEEO. It a new thinking of technology and design which communicates with all the devices and allows you instant control from one place. It even recognizes the person who touches it.

7. Folding Phones

Just think, you can fold your phone like a notebook or even wrap it around your wrist, isn’t it awesome? This technology has been introduced in the market of smartphones. You can fold your tablet and make it an simple phone or you can also put it on your wrist as a watch.

8. A Hologram Phone

Takee, the first 3D holographic smartphone is something that will make you go crazy.

Just as you see in movies, this phone allows you to experience 3D holographic images and make you experience stunning visuals and impressive compatibility.

9. Mine Kafon Drone

This robotic drone is equipped with three interchangeable robotic arms and works autonomously. It flies on the area where landmines are laid, detects and detonatess the mines from safe distance.

10. Cicret Bracelet

This bracelet will make your arm a smartphone when you wear it. It turns your skin into a touch screen. You can then use your skin like an android screen. These bracelets are the innovation of the future technologies.

Wrap Up: We have listen some of the most useful and interesting technologies that may not be in our concern in  2017. But this is not it, there are many more technologies yet to come who will surprise you more than these.

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