How apps can boost your bussiness

How apps can boost your bussiness

Stay with your clients. All the time. They need you mobile.
Average American spends 3.3 hours a day on a smartphone. 127 minutes on apps. 75% of Americans check phones every 15 minutes.
85% of “smartphone-time” is spent on apps. And 85% of users prefer native apps to mobile websites.
In 2015, time spent on smartphones increased by 21%.

Mobile is a big pool of money. Why not get into it?
According to Statista, revenue from apps is to double in 2017. In 2015, app revenue was $41.1 bn, in 2016 it is expected to be $50.9 bn and in 2017 – $101.1 bn.
$100 bn has been spent on mobile advertising, that is 430% increase, comparing 2016 to 2013.
42% of all mobile sales in leading 300 merchants came from mobile apps.

Don’t ignore mobile clients. There are too many of them for you to afford this.
There are 1.4 bn smartphones for every 1.5 people.
1.8 m smartphones are sold per day.
Juniper Research expects 2 bn mobile purchases by the end of the year 2016.
App downloads are growing and are expected to grow further.
In 2015, there were 179,63 m app downloads, in 2016 they are expected to grow to the number 224,8 m, 2017 – to 268,69.

A mobile app can become a smooth path towards your company’s success.
According to Kony, enterprise mobility market is to grow from $72 bn to $284 bn by 2019.
68% of mobile users engage with brands via apps.
As for Gartner, up to 70% of the workforce will have a smartphone by 2018 and up to 25% of enterprises will have an app by 2017.
80% of IT decision makers report positive ROI on their apps.
71% spend 2 hours a week accessing company info on mobile.
Companies gain 240 hours per year per employee due to mobile working.
Statistics and facts are the best means of convincing.
Consider the ones and improve your business.


Source: Glorium