Best sites to find Black Friday Deals

black friday

Black Friday is widely referred to as the biggest day in the shopping world. While there are many who steer clear of the shops and stores during this day, there is an equal amount of people who brave it all for the great deals on offer. The smart shopper plans ahead and if you are one of them, chances are that you will want all the deals and information in one hub.

This website is only in its fifth year, but it seems to have caught up quick and now offer a lot of handy tools. They have the usual tools like ad scans. However, the unique tools are that the website has a guide which shows the opening hours of each store, predictions of what is more likely to be on offer and divides the deals by category.

One of the most famous websites when it comes to Black Friday deals, this website has multiple ways with which you could divide the deals. This allows easier reading while it also provides ad scans as the number of ads increase, might launch their own buying guide which is divided by category.

While there is no shortage of sites claiming to be the, this site has the domain name to prove itself right. A handy feature at this Black Friday website is that it can alert you whenever new ads have been posted. It also provides the opening hours of shops and shows you what type of deals are online.


DealNews updates their content every day of the year, but come Black Friday and they open up a new section to help you out. They have the same features as the above websites but added to that they have a section for predictions on different categories.


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