Ludo Star: The New “IT” Thing!

Ludo Star: The New “IT” Thing!

Social media just go viral with some new thing day after day. The recent thing that has got our social media nowadays is the Ludo Star (2017) version. Wondering what is Ludo Star? Have you seen its viral memes? If so, you need to read on!

Ludo Star is the new so called “IT” thing or you call it a new trend of the social media that is actually a strategy game for both the platforms – Android and iOS. The game is really very interesting having several versions.

You can play 1- on- 1, team-up and even 4 players. Moreover, you have the choice to pick your Facebook friend or your offline partner to play. There are 3 modes of playing including quick, classic and master modes.

This is not it. The interesting part of the game is the gambling thing that you have to place before the start of each game, with the fake gold coins you have in your virtual bank. The game also offers the chatting and emoji feature that you can use to tease or communicate with another player.

Ludo Star

Although the Ludo game was first introduced in the 3500 BC on board, with the technology taken over, it has now been added to the smartphones and has become more fun lately.

So if you are bored of playing that typical action or shooting games, you can turn towards the Ludo Star, which is sure a fun game to play with the friends. The game is really addictive and can kill your time without even making your realize!
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